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Dear Colleague,

On behalf of my fellow members of the International and Local Organizing Committee, it is a pleasure to announce that the XIth International Symposium on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action will take place in Naples, Italy, on October 28-30, 2010. We very much hope you will be able to attend.

The congress provides continuity to a series of outstanding symposia started in Italy in 1980. Since then, the symposium has been organized every three years in Europe and has brought forward recent advances in the description of insulin signal transduction and metabolism related to metabolic disorders such as Diabetes mellitus and Obesity. After 20 years since the Verona edition, the symposium is now returning to Italy.

The understanding of the pathogenesis of Diabetes mellitus and related disorders is being transformed by a number of discoveries. As a result of this activity, our perception of Diabetes and related disorders is changing both at the mechanistic and the clinical levels. The XIth International Symposium on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action will address various key topics related to the “New face of Diabetes in the XXI century”.

The meeting is composed of keynote lectures, plenary sessions, short oral presentations, “for debate” and poster sessions. We hope that you will find plenty of time for informal and formal discussions. We also wish you to take time to explore Naples and appreciate the strenght of its history and long lasting traditions. Our intention is that this meeting will foster constructive scientific interactions and collaborations in the very unique and inspiring scenario of the bay of Naples.

I hope your visit will be memorable and, once again, welcome to Naples!

Francesco Beguinot
Professor of General Pathology and
Director, Metabolic Disease Unit
“Federico II” University of Naples
Medical School
Chair, IR10

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